Day 200 Pinching Bug

Day 200 Pinching Bug by pixygiggles
Day 200 Pinching Bug, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

Right as it was starting to get dark tonight, Sasha alerted me to her window in her usual manner of pawing at the glass. I looked out to see one of the birds fighting this pinching bug. Curious, I peered closer through the window which inadvertently scared the bird away. Seizing the opportunity to photograph one of my favorite insects from childhood, I ran outside with a flashlight and my camera.

When I was a kid, I could play with one of these for hours. They’re very entertaining critters or at least, I thought so. I grew up in a rural area with very few playmates. I learned to entertain myself creatively.

This one amused me greatly. I tapped its pinchers with a stick; and sure enough, it latched on tightly. Not only did it hold on to the stick, but it also grabbed the rock with its legs and held onto it when I picked it up! I only wish I had gotten a better shot of this because the one below is horribly blurry.

I seem to remember Mom telling me that a pinching bug wouldn’t let go of a stick until it saw a strike of lightning or something like that. Anyone else ever heard that old wives’ tale?


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