Day 190 Highway to Hell

Day 190 Highway to Hell, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

Forgive me for the crude euphemism, but I assure you I have my reasons for giving this photo the title “Highway to Hell.” Driving to the fireworks show yesterday, we had to go over Hurricane Bridge on State Route 56 which is down to one very narrow lane due to bridge repairs. Now, normally I wouldn’t have a problem driving over bridges; but this one was so nerve wrecking because of the close proximity of the barricades on either side of my car and the sheer height of this bridge. I seriously about hyperventilated driving over this bridge and ended up having a full blown panic attack as a result! Mercy! Needless to say, David drove home last night, not me.

Scenic Overlook State Route 56, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

Yes, these photos were taken last night; but technically, they were taken today since it was after midnight by the time we stopped at the overlook. Mother Nature treated us to a second light show after the fireworks. I tried so hard to get some good photos of the heat lightning, but failed miserably. Since the thunder associated with this type of lightning cannot be heard due to distance, it made it incredibly hard to time the strikes properly. The term “heat lightning” is actually a misnomer; however, since it’s the term most generally applied to this phenomenon in my area, I’ll go ahead and use it here, referring you to the article: Heat Lightning a Myth? for more information. I love the photo by Dave Martin in that article. Fantastic capture!

I thoroughly enjoyed our outing last night and found myself wondering if David and I are the only two people who go exploring after dark. We can’t be, right? Everything looks and feels different at night. It is a special time of day and I encourage anyone who can safely explore after dark to give it a try. You might just be surprised to learn that it is the perfect peaceful moment you’ve been looking for.


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