Sparkler Fun

I’m probably going to replace the above photo as Day 186’s daily photo when I have this month’s photos printed because I love, love, love that photo! David was so patient helping me out with this one because it took a few tries to finally get it, and it was his idea to take a step over for each number. I couldn’t have asked for a better result! David said, “I’m standing beside myself in this photo.” Haha!

I really wanted to do this for the scavenger hunt last week; but I didn’t get around to it during the time frame, not to mention weather conditions have been so dry that I was worried about a fire hazard. We kept the garden hose close by just in case and stayed on the gravel driveway to be extra careful. We didn’t go out to see a fireworks show this year, though we may try to head out to Pates Ford Marina on Saturday night to catch a show there.

My Heart

David’s Heart

Smile 🙂

Happy 4th!


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