Day 179 Unusual Perspective

Via Flickr:
This wasn’t what I had intended for this scavenger hunt prompt; but I was busy today catching up on the mundane household chores [-blech-] and didn’t have much time for taking photographs.
To give you guys an idea of how scatterbrained this 366 project is making me, I just realized today that I mislabeled Day 157 Rusted Chains as Day 156 Rusted Chains, giving me two day 156’s which had me a day behind for almost the entire month of June! 0.o
I’ve corrected my error on Flickr and WordPress; but now, I’m wondering what had me so distracted on Day 157 that I made such a crazy mistake and how it took me 20 days to realize it. Oh well, I’m only human.


5 thoughts on “Day 179 Unusual Perspective

    1. The brand is Altec Lansing. I got this set several years ago and loved the way they cup my ears, very soothing; but shortly after I got them, like less than 2 months, they developed a short in the volume/microphone control. They still work & have a great sound; but if I accidentally tap that volume controller the wrong way, it takes me forever to get them working just right again. I should really break down & replace them already, LOL.
      Thanks for compliment, Nonoy!

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