Day 164 An Orange Fly

Day 163 An Orange Fly by pixygiggles
Day 164 An Orange Fly, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

I have never seen an orange fly before today. The intended photo of the day was going to be the newly formed catnip blossoms. I thought the photo of the fly turned out better than the blossom photos, though.

I got so distracted by this odd little fly that I only snapped 2 photos of the plant, neither of which were photo-of-the-day quality, in my opinion. The photo below is the better of the two, but the flowers could have had better clarity. Even tweaking it a bit in Photo-paint didn’t do the plant justice. Maybe after more open up, I’ll try again. Hopefully, I won’t get distracted by more little insects!

I can’t get over how big this catnip plant has gotten!


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