Day 143 Wood Boring Bee

Day 143 Wood Boring Bee by pixygiggles
Day 143 Wood Boring Bee, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

This photo is technically not from today, but it’s the one that I wanted to share today since I couldn’t come up with anything else and it gives me the chance to tell a story.

My mother has had problems with these wood-boring bees for a very long time. They are wreaking havoc on the wooden posts on her porch, drilling holes in them to make nests. Nothing seems to get rid of them. About a year ago, Mom told me she kept hearing a knocking that she assumed was someone at the door. She would get up and go look out, but no one would be there. Finally, she realized that it was a woodpecker going after these bees! The woodpeckers made quite a ruckus out there which got on her nerves, not to mention they were even more destructive than the bees. The large chunk out of the post that the bee in the above photo is next to and also seen in the photo below was the result of the woodpecker.

My Uncle Wayne’s solution to Mom’s woodpecker problem was to place this rubber snake on the post. That seemed to have done the trick because Mom said the woodpeckers have not been back. A practical solution that has caused many people to do a double-take; but it has, at least, solved the woodpecker problem. Now, if she could just get rid of those bees!


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