Day 135 Huge Furry Spider

Day 135 Huge Furry Spider by pixygiggles
Day 135 Huge Furry Spider, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
David and I found this spider curled up, dead in front of our sofa late last night. This is the third or fourth spider like this we’ve found dead over the last 2 years that we’ve lived here. My best guess is that they are some type of wolf spider, but I’m not certain. This one had only recently died because the body was still pliable which allowed me to carefully spread the legs back out.

In an attempt to get a better photograph of the eyes which are an important identifying characteristic, I photographed her through my LumiLoupe in order to magnify them. I thought this was the most visually interesting photo I took today, so I chose it for my daily photo.

Her body size alone is about 2mm.


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