Day 133 Chandelier

Day 133 Chandelier by pixygiggles
Day 133 Chandelier, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

We went to our favorite Chinese food restaurant again for dinner, Mandarin Palace in Cookeville. I love that restaurant. The wait staff are always very friendly and pleasant. That cheesy crab dish they make is so yummy. They’ve put some new lighting fixtures up that are simply gorgeous! My daily photo today is of the chandelier at the entrance over the fountain with the goldfish. I’m actually very glad that they added this one here because the light is so much better that I was able to get a nice photograph of the fountain and goldfish. What’s the difference between regular goldfish and Koi? I suppose these could be Koi since I don’t know the difference. I’ll have to google that one, lol.

I’ve never been disappointed by the fortune cookie wisdom from Mandarin Palace, either. They’re a nice little treat, especially the lemon flavored ones!


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