Day 125 RIP Blackie

Day 125 RIP Blackie by pixygiggles
Day 125 RIP Blackie, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
If you’ve been following my photo stream or blog, you may recall a black cat, a neighborhood stray, that I photographed for Day 10 (January 10, 2012).

Today, I found him beside my trailer, dead. He wasn’t my pet, but he visited a couple of times after that initial contact. I also saw him a few other times around the neighborhood. He was the sweetest little cat and still very young, probably no more than 6 months old. I started calling him Blackie because he reminded me so much of a cat I had growing up with that name.

My neighbor had noticed the smell of death earlier today and told me about it when I came out to clean the bird bath. I thought maybe something had gotten underneath the trailer, so I walked around looking for the best way to get underneath when I discovered his body beside the trailer.

I was shocked and very saddened by this discovery. I think what made it even worse was that he had to have been there for a few days because he was already out of rigor and full of, brace yourselves, maggots and death beetles. I don’t know the technical name for those; that’s just what I’ve always called them.

With the help of the neighbor, we bagged him up and dug a hole. This was no easy task since we didn’t have the proper tools to dig a hole, but you’d be amazed how far you can get with nothing but a screwdriver! We had to get him buried because the stench was unbearable.

It breaks my heart to think of this poor little cat dying alone. I can’t help but wonder what killed him. Did he starve? Was he poisoned? The whole time I was digging the hole, I chastised myself for not making more of an effort to help him and find him a good home. Even though he acted fairly feral, I thought maybe he could be someone’s pet; so I did nothing.

Through tears of remorse, I fondly remember a little black cat who brought a smile to my day whenever he happened to pass by my way. Rest in Peace, Blackie. You will be remembered by me.


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