Day 118 Black Belt

Day 118 Black Belt by pixygiggles
Day 118 Black Belt, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

After getting my hair trimmed today, I decided to check out the Cookeville Mall. They only recently re-opened the mall property as a flea market. It was an interesting mix of what I remember flea markets to be like as a child (people selling personal belongings) and the new swap-meet style flea markets of most recent years. Most everyone I talked to prior to going said that there were a lot of crafts items, but I didn’t really see a lot of that today.

I didn’t stay very long, just a quick walk through to get a feel for the place since I tend to get overwhelmed easily in new places when I am alone. It’s a fairly small mall, not quite what I was expecting. I guess the main thing that struck me was how dark it is in there, very poor lighting. It’s an older building that has been closed up for a while (other than JCPenney), so it has an odd odor as well.

One store that has taken up residence in this flea market/mall that is worth mentioning is C & G’s Mountain Music. They sell mostly musical instruments (lots of guitars) and a section of sheet music. Very, very friendly and helpful staff. If you’re musically inclined, the Cookeville Mall is worth a visit just to check out that store if for no other reason. Unfortunately, I cannot find a website to share for them as is the case with many businesses in the Cookeville area.

On the plus side, I did happen to find this new black belt today for $4.00 which is a really good buy considering I priced similar belts like this at local stores for three times that cost. I’m glad I was finally able to replace my old worn out belt with such a reasonably priced one and that this vendor actually had a small which is the whole reason why I couldn’t replace it sooner.


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