Day 105 Catnip

Day 105 Catnip by pixygiggles
Day 105 Catnip, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
This catnip plant was so beautiful when we lived in Nashville. David took the seeds out of a particularly seedy batch of “Cosmic Catnip” we got for the cats at PetSmart. When we moved to Cookeville, David and I thought the move killed this plant. We had a few sprouts last spring, but nothing like previously. When we noticed a lot of small sprouts this spring (at about 1cm), I suggested to David that the potting soil may need some food; so he placed a few of those Miracle Grow sticks in there.

True to its name, it’s a miracle! The catnip is growing again. It’s still not as pretty as it was; but the cats don’t care how pretty it is. They love this stuff! We keep it outside in order to give it a chance to grow. However, the bare spot in the middle is from the neighborhood cats getting into it. They left behind incriminating muddy paw prints and half chewed leaves. I’m not complaining. I think it’s pretty funny. And as long as the plant continues to grow so heartily, I’m sure there will be plenty for everyone!

The above photo of Sasha and this same catnip plant is from September 2009 when we lived in Nashville. Maybe with a little more TLC this plant will grow that beautiful again. 🙂


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