Day 102 The Fountain at Dogwood Park

Via Flickr:
They’ve turned on the fountain at Dogwood Park. I bet this will be a lot of fun for the kids during the hot summer months. I hope there are plans to build a nice playground in this park for the kids. It’s the perfect setting for one, especially considering the public library is right next door.

From Cookeville Leisure Services Website:

Dogwood Park
A green oasis in the downtown area, located at 30 E Broad St, across from the City Municipal Building.  It’s a great place for lunchtime picnics.  The Department’s Performance Pavilion is located in this park.

It really is a lovely little park. I highly recommend a visit if you’re feeling the need for some fresh air or a walk. It’s also a great place for jogging or walking your dog. They even have the little bags for your pets’, ….um, “business.” 🙂 Also visit: Day 81 The Dogwoods Are Blooming for a photo of the park’s namesake.


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