Day 85 Dropped In To Say Hello

Via Flickr:
While taking a photo of the blossoms on the apple tree, this little bee dropped out of the tree onto my arm. I didn’t panic as I’ve wanted to get a closer look at one of these. I don’t think that it’s a traditional honey bee, but I could be wrong. I’ve seen a lot of them on blossoms around town.

I snapped the photo and waited for a moment to see if he would fly away. He (or she?) walked around briefly before I gently blew on him to get to him to move on. It was one of those simple moments of delight.

This was the best grouping of blossoms that I found on the apple tree. Most of the blossoms were brown around the edges. This poor little tree has had to have seen better days because it’s all deformed and misshapen, now.

I’m not sure what type of apple tree it is, but the little green apples always come out kind of knotty and small. We never eat them, though the birds and squirrels love them.


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