Day 49 Overton Cemetery

Day 49 Overton Cemetery by pixygiggles
Day 49 Overton Cemetery, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

Have you ever just gone for a drive down an unfamiliar road when you feel restless? I used to do that a lot when I needed to clear my head. Sometimes, I would make a game of it to see how lost I could get and find my way back. It’s not very practical these days with gas prices as high as they are, but I still enjoy a good scenic drive every once in a while.

I think for me this has a lot to do with the family Sunday drives my dad enjoyed throughout my childhood. I enjoyed those as much as my dad. Tennessee has some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. Rolling hills and curvy roads that could make even the most settled stomachs churn are reminiscent of riding a roller coaster.

I took one of these drives today because I was desperate for an outing. I decided I would drive until I saw something interesting and then, turn around to come home. I drove north on Highway 135. Wow, this road definitely reminded me of the East Tennessee roads that I grew to love as a kid. Crazy curvy!

At one point I came to a switchback where the scenery began opening up to reveal a gorgeous countryside. At the bottom of that hill, I came across Overton Cemetery and knew I had found my something interesting to photograph for today. I love old cemeteries! Most people find them creepy, but I think they are some of the most peaceful places on earth. There were so many wonderful old tombstones at this one.

As I turned around from there to come back home, I couldn’t help but wonder what was further down the road. I love to explore, so I think one day this spring I’ll have to drag David out on this road for further exploration. At the top of the hill after the switchback, there was a gravel/dirt pull off large enough for a couple of cars. I decided to stop to take one last look at the scenery, though the trees made it a little difficult to see. This would be the perfect spot for an overlook, though.

I got the bejesus scared out of me by three vultures feasting on something in the brush who took flight when I took a few steps away from my car. I had to laugh at myself. Those birds are so big! I wish I had gotten a clear image of one because they were right there in front of me. Unfortunately, I did not.


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