Day 12 Rain Turns to Snow

Day 12 Rain Turns to Snow by pixygiggles
Day 12 Rain Turns to Snow, a photo by pixygiggles on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
I did a quick auto adjust in PhotoPaint on this one to bring out the crispness. I did go outside earlier today, but the couple of photos I took then weren’t as nice as this one taken from indoors. My hands shake too bad in the cold. Moses was begging to go out, so I took him out briefly. I don’t let our cats out here unless I am supervising them – too many stray animals and well, other reasons. Sasha & Dasha also chose to explore the white stuff. However, they were scratching at the door meowing after just a couple of minutes. Sierra went out for a total of, maybe, 3 seconds before turning around and darting back inside, LOL. As for Kat, she won’t step foot outside. She’s quite content never leaving the confines of “home,” kind of like me.


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