Geese, A Long Walk, & Singing Bears

I’ve been cooped up in the house far too long; so I took a much-needed outing today to Cane Creek Park, my favorite rejuvenation destination. The highlight of my day was feeding the geese and having a couple of them actually take the feed out of my hand. Most people take bread to feed to the ducks and geese, but bread offers no nutritional value for them. Birdseed or cracked corn is a better gift. I have no idea what type of bird that is on the right side, but it had the coolest looking feet I have ever seen!

I didn’t take as many photos today as I usually do while I was there because it was quite chilly. When I passed Wal-greens on my way, the sign said it was 59°, though it felt much cooler by the water. By the time I made my way around the entire lake, my fingers and ears felt like popsicles. It was so worth it, though. Just what I needed.

On my home I stopped by Leo’s Spring Street Market to get our normal supply of meat. I love, love, love that store! Not only do they have the best selection of meat that I’ve seen anywhere, their meat prices are fantastic! I wholeheartedly recommend Leo’s to anyone in the Cookeville, TN area. They are located at: 215 West Spring Street, Cookeville, TN 38501.

As an added bonus, they have these animatronic Bluegrass singing bears that never fail to brighten my day.


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