There’s a Mouse in the House

Or rather, MICE. I awoke to quite a ruckus this morning as the cats (and David) were chasing a second one. I read that a litter of mice can contain as many as 12 babies! My guess is our cats will be busy for a while. How insanely desperate does a mouse have to be to enter a household of 5 cats?! I first noticed mouse droppings a couple of weeks ago in the laundry room around the area where I was keeping the birdseed. The cats received a stern lecture about their job as hunters and were placed on high alert. My two cats have proven themselves adept hunters in the past; but as far as I know, David’s three have never seen a live mouse. That changed a couple of days ago.

Sierra caught this one Tuesday night. David noticed her staring intently at the kitchen stove while he was preparing dinner. Curious to see what she was after, he pulled out the storage drawer to reveal this little guy who quickly ran behind the kitchen cabinets. Three hours later, Sierra had caught her prey. I thought she had already killed it when we noticed her running through the house with it, but it was apparently just stunned. Cats are notorious for playing with their catches.

I quickly grabbed the camera to snap a picture of the poor little thing, knowing full well that its fate was already sealed. I think mice are absolutely adorable, personally; but I understand that they carry disease and are undesirable house guests. While I feel horrible about killing any living thing if I can keep from it, who am I to take away a natural-born experience from my pets? So I let Sierra do her thing. She looked absolutely giddy with happiness, running through the house with it in her mouth, tossing it a good 3 feet in the air repeatedly, and batting at it precariously with her paws to keep it in line. After a few minutes of this she broke its back.  : : : Sigh: : :  I told her to put it out of its misery. She promptly did. Don’t tell me cats don’t understand what we say! David managed to get it away from her. As a reward Sierra feasted on a can of tuna instead, which she happily gobbled down.

Sierra with Her Mouse
This Is a Mouse

Why don’t they make mouse flavored cat food?


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