What TV show was I watching?

I love to sketch/draw while I’m watching TV. This is an artistic impression of a character off of a popular Tuesday night TV show. What was I watching?

I didn’t realize how “off” flatbed scanners are until today. My boyfriend, David, is constantly getting old computer parts, printers, and other electronics that people no longer want or need. He’s a bit of a pack-rat, but more of a tinkerer, as I like to call him. He brought home an older model Lexmark printer/scanner which gave me the opportunity to compare the scanning capabilities of Lexmark versus HP (my normal flatbed scanner). The difference is quite noticeable. Both images scanned in at 300 dpi, standard settings.

Neither of these scans shows the vibrant pink that I used for her hair. Believe me when I say the color is closer to the 1980’s bright neon pink. Personally, I prefer the HP scan. The color is at least closer. After a few tweaks to enhance the color and contrast, I did the usual clean-up of stray marks and added my digital signature.

Looking at it now, I’m thinking I should have gone ahead and colored the shirt in black. What do you guys think?


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