Look, A Bunny!

I’m highly distractible. Seriously, it only takes a sound or sometimes, even a thought to derail my entire day into twenty different directions. The fact that I have absolutely no concept of time can be a real challenge at times, especially when I need to get something done and I start obsessing over one little detail. But generally, I manage to work it out to the best of my ability and I’m okay with that.

“Look, a bunny!” has become a catch-phrase around my house. I’m pretty bad about blurting out a random thought which leaves my boyfriend, David, in the predicament of trying to follow the train of thought that led to the randomness. He’s actually gotten pretty good at this, a testament of how well he knows me. I finally asked him today where exactly he picked up that phrase. These are his words:

I was chilling at a friend’s house doing a bit of bowling on the Wii with my buddy and his two sons one day. The younger of the two boys was being especially hyper, jumping around and not really paying much attention to what he was doing. When he was in mid swing during one of his turns I shouted, “Look! A bunny!” Without missing a beat or completing his swing, for that matter, he immediately stopped and started to look around while asking, “Where?” From that day forward the phrase will be known as the ADD test.

Love who you are, not what you’re expected to be because accepting yourself completely is an important step to finding peace in a chaotic world.


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