Red Ribbon!

I am very pleased to report that I received the second place ribbon in the Pets category at the Putnam County Fair for my photo of Sasha with her cicada. I honestly didn’t expect to place in any of the categories that I entered because there were so many excellent photos, although, I did notice that the number of photos entered this year was considerably less compared to last year.

I was a bit disappointed to realize that only 5 out of the 6 photos that I had entered were up for judging. The photo of the emerging cicada was missing from the boards; and the thistle photo was placed in category 9 (Insects) instead of where I intended it to be, category 11 (Flowers, plants, trees). Ginger from the Cookeville Camera Club left a voicemail today telling me that they located the missing photo and “according to the judges it wouldn’t have made a difference in the placing.” Oh well, I’m not going to lose any sleep over it, lol.

The experience was well worth my time, so I’m not complaining. And I am very grateful to have placed in one category. Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to enter!

Here’s a few photos from my visit to the fair this past Saturday.

The Ring of Fire

Ferris Wheel

Carousel Horses                                                                             Rainbow Peppers

To see more photos from this set, please visit me on Flickr: Putnam County Fair (TN) 2011


2 thoughts on “Red Ribbon!

  1. Well done! I spotted that photo of yours on my travels through flickr a while back and it piqued my interest so much that I tracked down your blog and started following. Love your insect photos! 🙂

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