Welcome Summer 2011

The summer solstice again is here,

The longest day of the year.

A cookout makes our meal more fun

As everyone gathers out in the sun.

Lazily sipping on lemonade,

Here come the ants to invade!

Let’s go down to the swimming hole

Or watch clouds pass on that grassy knoll.

As the day becomes increasingly hotter,

We play hard, but sweat much harder.

Cooling off in the shade of a grand old tree;

Ouch, I stepped on another honey bee!

A warm, light breeze begins to blow,

Carrying the scent of grass freshly mowed.

The wind picks up. What’s that I hear?

That thunderstorm sounds quite near.

Run to the porch for a quick retreat,

After mud puddles invite our bare feet.

The downpour is over as quickly as it began.

Just as the sun sets, the sky clears once again.

Mosquitoes start biting with the last of the rays

While brightly lit stars catch our enchanted gaze.

Days of warmth and bright sunlight

End when lightning bugs take flight.

Poem & Photograph © 2011 Patricia Booth


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