2011 Brood XIX Cicada

Brood XIX Cicada

I’m quite a bit late in getting this post out. The past few weeks have been full of distractions, wearing my nerves into a frazzle. But better late than never, right?

Anyone who has read my blog for a while knows I have a serious obsession with bugs. This is a year I will always remember in middle Tennessee. I have never seen so many cicadas in my entire life! They’re everywhere. The spring emergence of the 13 year cicadas in Middle Tennessee, Brood XIX, has been a delight for me. This is the first year I have witnessed seeing this particular species of cicada. Also, it’s the first year I have gotten to watch one emerge from its exoskeleton. Imagine my excitement. Seriously, I’m like a little kid with this stuff – truly fascinated.

I’m more used to seeing the larger genus/species Tibicen davisi, commonly known as the Southern Dog Day Cicada. Mom always called them jarflies, not really sure why. Someone enlighten me on where that term came from, please, because I’ve actually heard several people refer to them that way in this area. From my understanding, these green and brown cicadas emerge annually during late summer to fall -versus- the periodical cicadas we are seeing right now that only emerge every 13 years during spring. By the time the 13 year cicadas die off, we should start seeing the Dog Day Cicadas.

Needless to say, the sheer numbers of these cicadas have caused quite a stir in Middle Tennessee. One day at the beginning of this month, I was running some errands around town. I walked from my bank over to the post office. In that short distance, I had 4 different cicadas land on me and one out of control, kamikaze cicada thwack me behind my knee. Last week, my boyfriend and I went to Center Hill Lake. Imagine my surprise when a cicada landed on my bikini clad side. Despite the startle, I still managed to take an awkward photo of the frisky little bugger.

Then, there was this little guy who had a run of bad luck during a storm. He managed to get flipped over on his back in a puddle of water right outside the computer room window. He was making quite a racket when I discovered him. Opening the window, I offered my finger as a lifeline which he happily accepted. However, my guess is that this cicada was less than happy about being offered to my cats for their amusement. Don’t worry, Sasha didn’t hurt him. She only patted him a few times before I rescued him once again to be released back outside.

For your amusement, I share this news article that the local newspaper ran online: Cops called on cicadas. It gave me a pretty good laugh. To view more of my photos taken of the cicadas over the past few weeks, please, visit my set on Flickr at 2011 Brood XIX Cicada.


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