Fall Creek Falls State Park

Known for the highest free-falling waterfall east of the Mississippi River, Fall Creek Falls, a 256 foot plunge waterfall, is just one of several waterfalls located at this park.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Fall Creek Falls State Park, located in Pikeville, TN. This park offers a wide variety of natural beauty and some of the most spectacular views I have come across in all my years of hiking. I left this park in awe and look forward to future visits. Covering 20,000 acres of land across the eastern ridge of the Cumberland Plateau in Middle Tennessee, this park offers 34 miles of hiking trails, 18 miles of bike trails, camping, fishing, swimming, a golf course, horse stables, nature center, picnic facilities, playgrounds, sports fields and much more. There is also a restaurant on site that overlooks Fall Creek Lake. It offers a buffet style meal that was an excellent end to a wonderful day of hiking.

Cane Creek Falls (85 foot plunge waterfall)

Cane Creek Cascades (45 foot cascade)

Rockhouse Falls (125 foot plunge waterfall)

The smaller waterfall to the right of Fall Creek Falls (the larger waterfall), called Coon Creek Falls, is a 250-foot plunge waterfall.

And there’s also Piney Creek Falls (95 foot waterfall) which I just didn’t have time to visit last weekend. I also have to add that the overlooks at this park are simply amazing. Sitting on the rock ledge of the Cane Creek Gorge Overlook, I felt so small. I sincerely don’t believe that any words I can use to describe my feelings about this experience could convey the majestic splendor of that beauty, but I will say that this experience left me in awe and feeling privileged to behold what I can only describe as magnificent.

For more information about Fall Creek Falls State Park, please visit the Department of Environment & Conservation’s website on TN.GOV or the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development. To view more of my photos from this trip to Fall Creek Falls please visit my Flickr Set: Fall Creek Falls State Park.

And as always, Thank You for visiting & come back again!


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