This Willow Is Weeping

Cane Creek Park in Cookeville, TN, is my favorite place to go to recharge my batteries. It’s conveniently located and has a wonderful paved track around most of the lake for walking, jogging, or biking. On April 3, 2011, I took this photo of a couple of Willow trees while my mate, David, and I were paddle-boating on Cane Creek Lake. I’ve always loved Willow trees. I think they are simply beautiful trees. I like to think of them as the ballet dancers of the tree world with their beauty and gracefulness. Hey, that’s just how my imagination works, lol.

Today, I spent the afternoon walking around the lake after having lunch at the park with a good friend. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the blossoms on the Magnolia tree to bloom so that I can photograph them, but they’re not quite ready yet. The tree peeking out from behind the Willow on the right in the above photo is the Magnolia. I’m kind of worried about that tree because a lot of its leaves are turning brown and falling off. The blossoms are going to be very small as well, not exactly what I’m used to seeing on these trees. Magnolias have some of the most heavenly scented blossoms of any tree.

I was saddened to see that the recent storms that passed through this week uprooted the Willow tree on the right. Well, I can’t say with certainty that it was Wednesday’s storms that uprooted the tree since today was the first time I’ve been back to Cane Creek Park since April 3; but Wednesday’s storms were some of the worst this month. We were told that Putnam County was spared a lot of the damage that other TN counties and surrounding states received because temperatures were lower in this area. I’m very thankful that we were spared; but my heart and thoughts go out to all of those that suffered losses from these storms.


3 thoughts on “This Willow Is Weeping

  1. Wow – there appears to have been a lot of damage wrought over a large area of the USA. I didn’t know anything about Putnam County and thanks for adding the Tn in your post because there are several Putnam Counties in the USA.
    I haven’t been to Tennessee but do enjoy reading your posts about your life that is so very different to mine. I will keep reading.

    1. Yes, these storms this past week were pretty bad. I think Alabama’s tornadoes were the worst, but even my mom in East TN had her share of damage. She just had a lot of work done on her home only to have these storms do a lot more damage. She said one side of the house will have to have new siding put on. She’s also going to have to replace her windshield and a side mirror on her car! It could have been worse, but did nothing to alleviate her fear of storms.
      Judith, thank you so much for reading!

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