Tennessee Toad

My neighbor’s granddaughter is constantly surprising me with gifts like this. I can only hope David and I convinced her to release this beauty back in the wild by impressing upon her the amount of insects she would have to collect in order to feed it. She knows how much I enjoy photographing nature. I have loved frogs ever since I was her age. My Grandma’s farm was the best place EVER for catching them (and turtles).

I think it is worth mentioning that all toads have poison glands.

“The warty skin contains many glands that produce a poisonous milky fluid, providing these toads with excellent protection from many of their predators. This poison is only harmful if it is swallowed or if it gets in the eyes, but it can make many animals very sick. (Dickerson, 1906; Le Clere, 2000; Matson, 2002; Oliver, 1955)” Source site: Animal Diversity Web

Always wash your hands with hot, soapy water after handling reptiles and amphibians.

“Most reptiles can carry Salmonella and these bacteria have been seen in turtles, snakes, iguanas, and lizards. Evidence is increasing that amphibians (e.g. frogs, toads, newts, and salamanders)
can also carry and spread salmonellosis to humans.” Source site: Reptile-Associated Salmonellosis from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

I spent one summer living with a friend a few years ago that was pretty special because I kept some tadpole eggs in a fishbowl & watched them grow from egg to frog. This was an amazing experience. I started out with about 100 eggs taken carefully from her swimming pool before we finally got around to cleaning it out. Of those 100 or so eggs, only about 10 small frogs emerged. Unfortunately, shortly after the frogs started hopping, we awoke one morning to find that our cats had knocked over the fishbowl and had a feast.

One summer at my Grandma’s, my Uncle Gerald found me a huge toad and let me carry it into the kitchen where everyone was congregating. Mom squealed in her usual squeamish way telling me to, “Get that thing out of here!” Everyone had a good laugh, even Mom.

Mom told me when she was growing up on the farm, there were plenty of times that she would go out the old cistern to pump out water and pump out a bunch of little frogs, lol.

I’ve always found the call of frogs and toads singing their mating songs to be soothing.

Video uploaded by: myshowinglog on YouTube


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