The Sleeping Gnome

While resting one night in peaceful slumber,
A gnome found himself in a land of wonder.
Mountains birthed rolling hills covered in trees
And rivers sprang out to flow into seas.
A meadow close by drew the gnome further along.
Flowers rich in color and life sang a sweet, peaceful song.
Creatures of every shape, size, and texture
Roamed through this land in most graceful splendor.
A calm, warm breeze moved his attention up high
Where an eagle rode out these gentle waves in the sky.
Looking around the gnome took in all that he saw.
He cherished this vision, completely in awe.
Slowly awaking he thought of his dream,
Wondering exactly what could this mean?
After some time of long thought did he ponder:
Beauty inspires energy and love to that of the beholder.

Poem & photograph © Patricia Booth 2011


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