Yesterday’s Stormy Sky

I couldn’t help but notice this beautiful, ominous looking sky yesterday afternoon while I was out and about. Last night I decided to play around with those clouds a bit in Corel Photo-Paint X4. The results were just for fun. I find it very interesting how changing the color balance of an image also changes the mood of the image. Four examples from left to right – yellow, magenta, red, & blue:

Then I got the idea to combine all these layers together, adjusting the transparency levels. From the bottom – blue, magenta, red, & yellow:

This one reminds me of cotton candy. I was going to add a solar flare in the yellow, but it seemed to dominate the image too much. I was more satisfied with it just like this. Lastly, I created “Toxic Sky.” Technical stuff first, I used the original image with a high green color balance for the clouds and gave the building a slight yellow glow using the original with a high yellow color balance. Then adjusted the transparency using the interactive object transparency tool to get the desired effect and voilà!

Perfect metaphor for the corporate giant?


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