City Lake Natural Area

The entrance to City Lake Natural Area is located approximately 3 tenths of a mile from East Spring Street (70N) on Bridgeway Drive in Cookeville, TN. I really scoured the web trying to find information about this park but came up fairly empty-handed. Cookeville Leisure Services has a small blurb about it on their website:

“This 35 acre City Lake Natural Area is located on Bridgeway Drive and is preserved in its natural state, with some improvements to help accessibility. The park is a favorite area with fishermen as they can catch catfish, bass and bream. Cookeville’s first water treatment facility was constructed here.”

However, a few other websites with even shorter descriptions state that the park has 40 acres. I may have to research this one a bit more at the local library when I have the time. I guess the mystery behind this quaint little park is what led to my decision to blog about it. What I do know is that this location has picnic tables, a small fishing pier, hiking trail, waterfall overlook, and boat launch ramp. Even though it is quite lovely, I kind of got that “lost and forgotten” feel from this park. It certainly has the appeal of peacefulness and would make for a great place to just get away for a couple of hours from the hustle and bustle of life.

The hiking trail is short and very mild.  The first half of the trail is paved up to what I can only assume is the old water treatment facility. There are no signs or historical markers on this small building; so to be honest, I’m not really sure what it is or why there is a large wooden platform around it.

From this point the trail is graveled. I would have said the trail would be good for jogging or biking given that it is paved half-way and graveled the other half, but the walnut shells that litter the path could be a potential hazard. The trail ends at the waterfall overlook. I would guesstimate the main waterfall to be about 12 feet high. All around there is water coming from several different directions. Looking at Google Earth and Google Maps, I couldn’t tell where exactly the water is coming from, another mystery. My best guess here would be that several small creeks must converge at this location.

Feel free to browse through my album on Flickr for more photos from my day at City Lake Natural Area, Cookeville, TN.


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