Emotion Series: Joy

When I think of joy, I think of happiness, laughter, that feeling of contentment that, no matter how rare, makes life bearable. Too often, people spend more time and energy focused on their own suffering or the suffering of others, giving little attention to what actually brings them joy. My challenge to everyone this week is to find what brings you joy, what makes you laugh, those things that give you the strength to get through each and every day. Make a list of these things. Hang it on your fridge or bathroom mirror. Use this list whenever you are feeling down and always try to focus some of your thoughts daily on the things that bring you joy.

My YouTube Video Top 3 Funny Picks

There are soooooo many to choose from, but these three have remained my “go-to” videos for a good laugh if I need one, lol. Feel free to share links to your favorite funny websites, videos, and photos!

Stepcase Lifehack is an excellent online resource for positivity. Top 10 Ways to Lead More Effectively with Humor

Just one more link: The Website is Down


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