Frozen Coffee Drink

I don’t really drink coffee very often, but I do love a good cup of coffee.  Two cups are my limit when I drink it because it gives me a horrible case of the jitters. A hot cup of coffee is wonderful on those really cold winter days that chill you to the bone, but during the summertime I don’t particularly care for hot drinks. I love iced coffee and frozen cappuccino, so I thought I would experiment a bit at home to see what I could come up with. This is a very quick and simple recipe that I threw together today that actually had a pretty amazing taste. I thought I would share it for anyone who might be interested. Enjoy!





French Vanilla Ice-Cream

Brew a pot of coffee. Add one cup of sugar & ½ cup of coffee creamer.* Allow coffee to completely cool. Add five or six scoops of French Vanilla ice-cream, depending on how thick you want your drink. Personally, I prefer to use a butter knife to stir it all together because it’s quicker & less mess; but you could just as easily use a blender set on whip if you prefer.

* I like my coffee pretty sweet, so adjust cream & sugar to your taste. I have a 12 cup coffee maker. I usually make 10 cups, leaving room to add cream & sugar to the carafe.

What about everyone else? What are some of your favorite summer drinks?


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