The Year Was 1972

In 1972 . . .

United States President: Richard Nixon

United States Vice President: Spiro Agnew

Life expectancy: 71.2 Years

Cost of Living

New House: $27,600

Average Income: $11,859

New Car: $3,853

Average Rent: $165 per month

Gasoline: 55¢ per gallon

US Postage Stamp: 12¢ each

Granulated Sugar: 5 pounds for 65¢

Vitamin D Milk: $1.20 per gallon

Ground Coffee: 99¢ per pound

Bacon: 83¢ per pound

Eggs: 45¢ per dozen

Bread: 25¢ per loaf

Top Music of 1972

Movies of 1972

For more movie posters from the ’70’s visit: 

Super Freaky Movie Posters of the 70’s


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